Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer and Surprises

Well, we are guilty of lazy summer.  Not only has my digital life gotten overly hectic, but the baby takes up most of the photographs these days.  I don't have much to report on August and it's already half over.  Here's what we've been doing on hot days: 
chillin' in the cool shade of the house.

That lack of vigilance makes for some larger than desired summer squashes... and interestingly, our little rebel hen, who likes to sleep in the trees rather than the hen house, had been laying eggs in her own little nest in the woods. I found these 13 eggs all piled up together.

cleaning up the free granite

Got a good batch of free kitchen counter granite off of CL the other day.   First I had to pull off the 3/4 inch plywood that was glued ont...