Friday, November 07, 2014

Redesigning, rebuilding the cob oven, part 1

Finally felt I needed to deal with the crumbling around the door of the earth oven.  At first, I was thinking I'd start from scratch, then realized I'd probably need to go to the quarry for more sand if I did that, so went for a retro-fit.   First, scraped away the loose stuff:

and wet it down with slip so I'd be ready to attach the new stuff

Got a lot of painting help down low.  Here you can see that not that much was removed:

Later in the day, I'd mixed up a batch of cob and sculpted in the new door idea, with a chimney coming out the top:

The plan is to have the metal chimney easily slip down into the hole, extending the draw:

We have more cob to add before we're through:

Gen challenges - carbon build up

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