Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paths and Patios

When Bridget was here, she enlisted her kids to help spread out redwood duff on our muddy path; works so well I had to take a picture in the fog!

The next step of the patio was to spread out all the flagstones and figure out how much we had.

Yes, that does mean I lift and move them multiple times.

bought this teapot at good will a while back. it's horrible. it's super heavy, so black inside you can't tell when it's full so you spill when filling it, and then pouring it out, the lid falls off into your cup.  After eons of tea drinking, one would think it would be hard to make a bad teapot.

The dog at the ocean. I just found a bunch of photos that I hadn't realized weren't uploaded. 

Water and Pests

Took this picture of the neighbor's pond, as full as its going to be this year... bummer.  Next summer, I'm thinking I'll get a couple trucks of sand and make a beach.

I bought a new gopher trap (cinch trap) for $20.  Not really sure it was worth it.  on the left, it's set, on the right, it has failed and the gopher has buried the trigger and everything and not set it off.  I have now gotten 2 with this thing, out of maybe 15 settings -in about 3 weeks of owning it.  hm. I have also shot one in the head with a pellet gun, which given the amount of time I'm actually 'hunting' make me much more effective than the trap.  we'll see.  

I set the camera phone down on the tabletop that has a bug living in it.  I'm working on drilling holes in the side so I can add poison, but how annoying.  Turn your volume up and lean in to hear the little guy.

$1 tool rescue

Had a moment last week, so we strolled the flea market. A woman had a pile of rusty tools "anything $1!" and so I dug through it ...