Journey in the Woods

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another side project

Years ago, our place in SF was broken into, and the smart thief who came in the window during the day when I was traveling and Melissa was at work actually took the top drawers from our dresser (and their contents). This is where one generally keeps good stuff, so it was a smart move... but it meant our dresser didn't have drawers for a long time.

I'm finally getting around to feeling like I have the skill, tools, supplies, and time to rebuild them. I'm using a madrone piece - from a tree I cut down and milled - and I'm using redwood as the drawer floors, from old growth stuff I milled up when trying to make a beam more accurate- ie, it was skinny stuff.
So far, I've managed to get the two bigger ones together, and am gluing the third. Then I'll fully finish the wood, probably with tung oil. I will post a finished picture. They look pretty good already though! They won't be that light colored when oiled.


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