Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Listeroid - Diesel Generator - Up and Running Smooth!

While I've had this machine for about two years now, and had it going in the past, there was always a list of stuff going wrong with it, most of which had to do with getting it set into the ground properly.

Pat came to visit, and after debating about what we should do with our time,

we started working on it. That brought over one of our neighbors, Michael, who can't stay away from fun projects. Here we are fixing the alternator in place so the belt won't wear improperly or simply come flying off.

Another step (besides getting the head gasket back on and all the surrounding parts) was to cut up an old tire and putting it between the 4x4s (that are bolted to railroad ties in the ground) and the machine.

Once we got that done and turned down the speed, the thing just purrs along.
And, generates electricity!

It's an efficient, bullet-proof pretty good looking machine.


seth said...

what model lister is that?
those engines are designed to run for "like ever". To cool!!!

warren said...

Forget pretty good looking's an awesome looking machine!

Tys said...

This is a Listeroiod (an Indian made 'knockoff' from the British design) CS 6/1. that's Cold Start, Six horse power, 1 piston. All cast iron, 100lb stover flywheels, and 650lb of body.

Starting anti-fire prep

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