Saturday, October 10, 2009

Water works

Much of the last few days have been about the rainwater collection system. After going down to the neighbors and dragging something close to 700' of 1 1/4" hdpe pipe off a giant metal spool (that I had to run a chain through the hub and chain to a fence post while Melissa drove the truck and pulled the hose - sparks flying, lots of noise - no pictures though) we started connecting the rain gutters to the tanks.

Here's the pipe going from the south roof to the western tank:

And here's the eastern tank with the hose connected to the northern roof. You can just see it going along horizontally above the ladder:

Here's my screening system for the gutter spouts: 1/4" screen, with two sets of window screen behind it.

Tomorrow, shopping for parts for the 'first flush' compoents.

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Little birdie

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