Friday, July 01, 2011

Various things move forward

I got the first coat of varnish on the shower side of the interior windows (the blue tape will be removed at the end):

I did a TON of smoothing and fixing on the wood edges of the floors - these are the madrone sort of retaining walls for the earthen floor... they're also the steps themselves, to cut down on possible wear on the earthen floor part. Working with madrone is really hard.. it's a hard wood that warps a ton, but it is so beautiful when done and oiled (not including my crappy glued up seams):

and the redwood edging around the kitchen counter got screwed in - with wooden plugs for the screw holes - and oiled as well. Melissa and I call them 'hip huggers'

AND, I milled up the entire amount of wood for the kitchen cabinet fronts today. I love it when the mill and the chainsaw are working well.

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Little birdie

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