Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brian visits!

Brian came to visit and wanted to get some fresh air and exercise.  I decided we needed to pull a big treetop  (from the recent tree work) out of the woods and get it up on the mill.  This thing is still green, 22 feet long, and *really* heavy.  The guess is around 2000 pounds.   Using the truck to pull it uphill and onto the driveway, we then had to get it on rollers and slides to get it onto the mill
 Which we did without hardly any difficulty.  The thing is huge, and even longer than my mill can handle. (I'll end up cutting off the small end to make it fit)
 Of course, there was much discussion and celebration throughout his visit.
 In the meantime, Melissa added some lovely country cottage touch to our kitchen by gathering a batch of fresh herbs to dry on our kitchen beam.  I love that!

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Starting anti-fire prep

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