Friday, June 15, 2012

Smoker Box!

I figure if I never build one of these I'll never try it, so even though I don't have any experience smoking food, I thought I'd set up a traditional 'farmhouse' smoker type cabinet.  I built it out of old oak pallet boards I had around, so it has a 'rustic' look.
 it stands about waist high, and there's a front door and a top opening, so you can get at racks or simply hang something from the top. 
 I made a cute latch for the top (as it was a bit warped, and wouldn't sit flat otherwise) and a simple smoke controller flap that spins on a screw.
 I used about 10 screws (that I bought) and the rest was all free nails and free wood.  Notice the slick hinge design made of a thick nail - so I didn't have to use a store bought hinge on the front door.
Meanwhile, you can just barely make out my hay bale target behind the sunny patch between those two big redwoods. I took this photo from where I shoot - 45 yards away.
 I need more practice! 

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