Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bunch of Progress?

So, another part of the retrofitting for the fridge exhaust system includes cutting into the cob wall to make a space for the new, fancy, low-noise exhaust fan that I got ($108). It works great, but needs to settle into the wall. I spent over an hour chopping at the cob wall for a 10"x10" square about 2" deep. Hard work.
 Meanwhile, the garden is growing away.  Melissa brought in a harvest of tomatoes and chives... the tomatoes are what we call "Mountain Tomatoes" as they are from seeds I've saved from  some non-hybrid (whose name I can't recall) and am trying to create a good tomato that will grow well up here and taste good. at least they are producing! I will report on flavor later.
 In other news, another step has been taken.  ha. This is the second to last step to be mortared in on the patio. Melissa spends bunches of time figuring out the proper heights, and then we both crank out the mortar work and get it locked in. One more to go!
 AND, I finally got the solar panels off the solar trailer and up on the roof, and rewired to the trailer which is off in back.  Things seems to be working excellently for those batteries. Now to get a chest freezer to hook up and use that extra power! 
 Finally, on a completely different page, we had some sort of beetle/worm chew it's way out of one of the madrone steps!  a while back we heard something in the wood, and applied a batch of bug repellent/killer (borax based) but sometime during the day yesterday, the little bastard ate it's way out of the top of the stair, leaving this mound of dust by the hole.  I hope it's the only one!


Mexican Viking said...

Hi Tis!
Great blog! Seems quite challenging.
I was wondering how your compost pile came out to generate heat.
How long did the heat last? How many times did you have to make it work? Does it work in the winter? Lots of questions. Thanks!

Tys said...

sorry to take so long to respond. I'm not good with these comment things, and they don't show up on the page anyway!
I decided against trying that process... as the size of the pile would have to be bigger than I want to manage, and then the whole process of having pipes run through would you stir the thing with the pipes in there without messing up the pipes, etc etc. it could be done, especially if you have a good amount of animal manure to work with, but didn't seem worth the return for me.

Starting anti-fire prep

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