Thursday, November 01, 2012

insane foodie project! Sea Salt!

I'm not sure exactly how this all happened.  Our good friend and neighbor Dave is something of a foodie, and he brought up the idea of someday going out to the ocean and collecting our own sea salt - it's all the rage right now. I'm almost always up for a DIY project, but even I thought this was a little bit of overkill. But, somehow on our last trip down to Santa Cruz, we met up with Dave and went up the coast a ways until we found a quiet out-of-the-way beach.  We wanted to use a rocky shore to avoid the sand, but that wasn't possible. Pretty soon, it became apparent that we had to get in the water pretty deep to get past the cloudy sand in the breaking waves.  So in I went:
Believe me when I say, it was cold, and quite a workout. 
 We got a total of 19 gallons (lost one lid somewhere) and dragged them all back to the car. 

 Dave did his on the stove, but I'm too cheap for that, so I boiled the 10 gallons over the fire for about 3 days (not at night) until I had a bucket of what looked like wet sand.  

The last step was to spread the clump out on cookie sheets and since we baked in the earth oven last night, I had a hot empty oven, so in they went.  I got 9 gallons of fluffy sea salt that I stuffed into 2 full sized mason jars. DONE!

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