Friday, May 09, 2014

Apple Tree Problems

In an attempt to get feedback and be able to show people my tree, I wanted to post these photos of my 4-kinds-of-apple-grafted tree that has been doing well, but seems sick to me this spring.  It seems like it might be a nutrient problem, but I don't know. 

The tree has been in place for maybe 7 or 8 years, and in good years, even as its a small tree, we've gotten 20 some apples off it at harvest.   

This is most of the tree, taken first week of May.  It had good blossoms on it, which come out first, but now it seems like there's no leaving, or very little. 

Close up of blossoms and leaves - the leaves seem healthy... 

 Here's another apple the same age (years in the ground) about 15 yards away from the sick one. much more green going on. 

I was worried it might be crown rot, as I did have one apple die of that, but checking out the crown, it seems just fine, and here's a picture of the apricot just 8 feet away... so I don't think it's bad draining soil.

it just seems sick and pathetic.  I have given it the same sort of soil amendments I always have, which I believe are nitrogen heavy and maybe somewhat acidic, but good organic material. 

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