Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh Deer.

For the second time, the deer have stomped my light fencing and chomped the heck out of the strawberries. You can see from this picture that I had stakes in the ground with deer fencing stretched across them (also keeps birds out, but not slugs) but the deer just went crazy and chewed on the fencing, stomped everything, and kicked stuff over. these were full grown strawberry plants.

here's a close up of what's left of one:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Each bit of wall

Every time we go down off the mountain, we plan our trips so that we get groceries, mail, and do whatever errands we need. Every time, that includes a load of broken concrete to go into the wall... unless it's bags of mortar, which are too heavy to include with a load of 'urbanite'.

here you can see what one smallish load looks like before I toss it onto the ground to be sorted and stacked onto the wall. Yep, these rocks get touched a minimum of three times. One to get them into the truck, one to get them out, and one to get them onto the wall. Each load is about 1000 to 1500 pounds.

You can also see used veggie oil containers that I picked up, ready to get filtered for fuel.

The wall continues...

I'm getting flack because I haven't posted in a week. well, besides being under-the-weather (not that stops much around here) there really isn't much to show. This wall building stuff is darn slow work. I took some pictures though. Here you can see the outside (what will eventually be waterproofed and buried) of the north wall. There's still a ways to go.

I took a minute in photoshop and drew in the area that the north wall (here seen from 'the front door') still has to cover. it's just chunks of old concrete and mortar mix until that pink section is filled in.

Here you can see a happy spot. This is the lower north wall, about where the bathroom sink will be, and the stone wall has come up as far as it needs to. We put in the tooth rocks to help connect the stone wall to the future 'cob', that is, adobe-like, wall. Seeing the 'teeth' means that wall is high enough.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Steps update:

Most (maybe all?) of the interior walls and steps are done. The mortaring part, I mean. it's a bit difficult to show perspectives, but here is the steps to the middle (2nd) bedroom. They'll have some nice piece of wood glued and bolted onto them, (I tossed some scrap lumber on there so you can get the idea) and then two all-wood steps built below these, where the milk crate is now. The plan is to have double/french doors on this bedroom.

In what will be the hallway between the 2nd bedroom and the bathroom area, there's going to be a storage spot, with doors on it... and then open shelves above it. I put the wine bottle there for perspective. This spot will have cob (mud walls) all around and above it, and so will be a pretty good constant-cool-tempature spot.

Here you can see the living room steps. I suppose you could say the camera is a bit to the left of what will be the kitchen island... looking up (east) to the living room and the front door. Again, the steps will have wood on them, with two wooden steps built in front. Further up, on the far side of the living room, there'll be one step, again with wood. (the wine bottle is on that step now) In this picture, you can see a post (holding up an unseen tarp) to the right of the wine bottle. One could imagine that post being right in front of the 'front' door.

You can also see from this picture that there's going to be a bunch more gravel put in for the floor, and then the earthen floor on top of that will hold the radiant heating tubes. You can see a milk jug in the living room area... the gravel will be deep enough to bury that milk jug.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nice stuff around the yurt

Here's a nice scene: my second round of cheese with a bowl of arugala, earthen-oven-baked sourdough bread, and a small glass of wine.

Did I mention I'm all proud of the little pot lid handle I made when the store one fell off?

Cabin shower pan getting in place

Actually, kind of happy about this progress.  It needed to be up so the drain trap will fit.