Sunday, August 30, 2015

new bit for solar oven

Finally upgraded the solar oven so that the lid stays open at the angle one wants. the two lower sticks are movable, with more holes in the main shaft. the top stick isn't movable.  Happy with it.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Timber Frame of Oven Roof is Up!

Here's various photos of work in progress of the making of the timber frame for the earth oven roof.  I only had to cut two small trees down for this. (the girts - the horizontal connectors) I had the other pieces left over from other projects.  

I took this one when I was thinking about how it takes about an hour to do each mortise (hole) and then realized that this work is the sort of stuff I've really set my life up to do, so I'd better not complain.  It is cool to work with hand tools. 

Made a batch of pegs from hazel. I use linseed oil to grease them, which then also preserves them and hardens up 

The finished frame!

Did I ever post a photo of the new plaster job? I'm happy with that too.  

Nice detail of knee brace. 

Cabin shower pan getting in place

Actually, kind of happy about this progress.  It needed to be up so the drain trap will fit.