Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Work Done

While I was off goofing around in WY, Melissa actually did some real work around here. She peeled all these logs (all the white looking wood you can see). We decided the milled beams I did a while ago don't have the structural integrity we hoped they might. (you can still see one in the background on the mill) so we had to go for more round logs.
That's Jack doing some supervising in front of one of the piles of bark taken off.


Sue in the Western Great Basin said...

Well of course the dog's gonna take charge of the bark, I mean, that's what dogs do! Bark bark! Hehehe, sorry, couldn't resist. Your homestead is inspiring!

Dale Danley said...

It's good to catch up a little bit with your life down there in the woods. Yesterday was the July 4 picnic/bbq on Golden Gate Ave - it's still going strong. We're in the middle of a peaceful long weekend in the city. The pacific breeze has blown away the smoky air of the previous weeks. The streets seem quiet on days like this, but I bet it's nothing like your mountain!
Dale and Michael

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