Sunday, October 05, 2008

How to build a compost pile Water Heater experiement
Really, it's all about the compost.

1. have a spot that's about 3'x3'.

2. Lay down some greens. Could be weeds, but I use leaves from small trees I'm cutting anyway.

3. lay some brown stuff on top of that. I use last week's pile, and dry, fallen leaves. Wet it down. (with waste water, of course)

4. Repeat the layering. Here you can see the sort of branches I use. I just cut off the leaves with a machete, or rip them off by hand.

A close up of last week's stuff.

Here's my experiemental water heater process. This is a 5 gallon jug filled with water, being built into the pile.

5. Cover your finished pile with straw. Here you can see the cap of the jug with a temp gauge in it.

RESULTS SO FAR: after 48 hours in this pile, the water has reached 115 DEGREES! I am so going to use this method to heat my house.


Wretha said...

That is sooo cool... er I mean, hot!


judyofthewoods said...

Have your heard of the Jean Pain composting and energy system?
Does seem a bit resource intensive though. Fine if you have big piles of bio trash anyway.

Tys said...

bio-gas rocks, and it's something I'm going to experiment with, once the house is done. There is no doubt I will work with the free horse manure down the road to create the gas I need to make my coffee in the morning!

Starting anti-fire prep

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