Friday, May 15, 2009

More water proofing of the bermed side

Well, because 18 inches of mortared stone wall seemed a little light, and more than 3 feet of overhang might not cover everything, and the continous 4 inch drainpipe underneath the entire edge of the foundation might not carry all the moisture, Melissa thought we should do some more water proofing on the outside of the stone wall that will be bermed in.
When we attached the underlayment to the roof, it had a peel-away plastic, so it would stick down. Well, that means we have 2000 sq feet of this thin black plastic that we're supposed to just throw away. I'm not a big fan of filling up the landfill, so I started thinking it could be used for a waterproofing layer.
I took some old (free) paint and slopped some on the flattened cardboard boxes that the underlayment had come in, and 'glued' the black plastic film to it, in successive layers, like shingles.

Then, with about a dozen of these plastic covered cardboards, I layed them against the outside of the wall, again in a shingle-like pattern, one covering the next edge.

Thinking the stuff might want some more protection, I found some more old wrapping garbage under the yurt (the material was sort of a paper with fibers in it, like packing tape, but 4 ft wide and 12 ft long) and covered over the outside before tossing in some old styrafoam pieces that I needed to get rid of, and then maybe 20 buckets of gravel, for more drainage.
to be continued....

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Starting anti-fire prep

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