Saturday, August 01, 2009

Varnishing Act

Melissa does most of the varnishing around here. While I don't particularly like the 'philosophy' of varnish, with it's high chemical content and non-naturalness, I really like the look, feel, and durability of it. With all the mud and moisture of our house (the earth walls sort of 'breathe' so there's always some humidity in them) varnishing seems to be the best solution to still be able to enjoy the look of the wood.

Here's Melissa working on the window frames that are already in the south wall:

And below are some door frames: both sides of the 2nd bedroom closet door, and the 1st bedroom doorway frame. I'm planning a pocket sliding door, so there's only one side for that.

You can also see the door frame of the 'cold box' on the left side of this photo. That will be basically a hole in the wall with ventilation that will be like a small fridge or root cellar. Also notice the interior wall going up!

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Starting anti-fire prep

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