Journey in the Woods

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lintels and Lentils day!
A couple of lintels went in (yesterday actually) that will be hefty enough to hold up the big weight of the rest of the wall above it.

Here's a photo of the openable window in the toilet area, with the lintel on and getting cobbed in:

Here's another shot of the toilet area, this time looking directly west through the (dirty) non-opening window, with it's lintel in place and some cob on top of it. Those shelves look nice too, huh?

Here's the back door lintel, just having been put in place. That doorway is 7 feet tall.

Jack just thought it seemed too cold out to be cobbing.

Once we got three batches of cob done today, it was into the yurt for some good pink lentils.


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