Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Pulled Pulley and tile project
Finally got the new pulley for the alternator, and figured out how to use the bolts on the bushing to push the bushing (the center thing) out of the old one. Then, using my special broken screwdriver, I wedged open the bushing again to get it back on the shaft, and afixed the new, smaller pulley.

Next step is experimenting with the small pulley to see if I can get a smooth enough current out of the thing with the engine at a slower speed to run my battery charger.
Meanwhile, Melissa has attacked the 'cold box in the kitchen floor' (we really need a better name for that) tiling job. We got these brown tiles due to eagle eyes of the sister-in-law, and they already had those corners cut off, so Melissa found some slate and made some accent pieces for them.

this box is deep enough for a 5 gal (20 ltr) bucket.

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