Monday, February 15, 2010

Sills still, and loft
Melissa continues to work on the window sills, adding sealer to the grout.

and, a week or two ago, I got the loft floor up, planed smooth and screwed down. I have yet to decide how I'm going to treat that wood... probably will oil it, not varnish.

Here's a shot from underneath. We're debating about cutting a curve in this edge, but that would create a challenge for the future banister/railing.

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Shelly said...

Have been following you for a little while now and want to say thank you for your beautiful photos and your wonderful thoughts. I am in a huge transition in my life right now and it is just one day at a time and I enjoy all the inspiration that others have to share. I use my blog as somewhat of a gratitude journal and as my eye on the prize so to speak and I love women who inspire which in turn empowers others. Many do not realize the impact that they have and I just wanted to share your little impact on me. Thank You and keep sharing those beautiful pics.
Always, Shelly

Little birdie

Won't stop coming up onto the patio.