Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Planning the threshold

After a lot of work getting one side smooth and flat, we wanted to put in the threshold of the bedroom door, as we need to have that in place before we can build the rest of that wall - that holds the pocket door.

We need the threshold to be flush with the finished floor, so it needs to sit 2 inches off the current subfloor. So, after cutting channels in it for the future radiant heat tubes, I used the level and a 2 inch block and put screws in to be ''feet" that would hold the board at the right height within the cob.

Here it is mudded in place, with the half that will be within the wall a piece of doug fir. (the threshold piece is madrone) It's got one coat of linseed oil on it so far. I'll put a fresh coat on for the next three days.

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