Journey in the Woods

Monday, May 31, 2010

Some Details

Here's some quick shots of details of the interior (I've been offline for a few days, so I've got to catch up)

at the (east) end of the built in bench, we're going to have a little cabinet where you can stash your shoes when you come in the front door. Here it is, without the top that has yet to be made.

Here's a shot of the small built in bench, on the north side of the living room. the woodstove will go right where the hay bale is now

Here you can see the bottles above the bedroom door, and the bottles in buried in the outside wall, repeating the pattern

The cover of the 'root cellar' was a real bear to get halfway right, as I wanted to use some live oak boards that I had milled long ago. Parts of this will be covered by the future shelving wall, so it's not all planed as smooth as the exposed parts will be.


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