Journey in the Woods

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bedroom closet formed in

This is a 'double wide' clothes closet in the main bedroom. there's a shelf behind that horizontal bar (it's plywood with a veneer that matches the inside of the wall that you can see) on the bottom, and a varnished vaneer on the top. We intend to put sliding (?) doors above that for access to the shelf.

the cross piece and the big vertical posts (and the horizontals holding up the shelf inside) are all from the same tree. kind of cool.

it's going to be odd, though, as the ceiling slopes like that, so the doors will have to be pretty short.

Also notice the horizontal 'studs' on the inside of that wood wall (again, plywood that will be plastered, with a veneer inside) we made those nice redwood pieces, so they can be little shelves.

Our neighbors were getting rid of all that veneer, so that's why we're using it; it was free.


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