Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some random updates

Did I ever post about my rainwater faucet set up? this hose is attached to a pipe that runs back behind the house to the upper rainwater cachement tank. I get to use 60 gallons a day on the orchard now.

New tomato cage plans (every year I seem to do them different. someday I'll have a real solution) I'm weaving basket like things this year out of hazel. I tie off some of the joints with iris fronds, but the things actually stay together pretty well by themselves. Another tomato note: most of our plants are from my seed saving efforts from last year. Hoping that we get some good tasting, mountain climate ready fruits this year.

Anti bird cages for the strawberries! You can't really see it in this picture, but these frames are covered with the old deer block on all sides, to keep the birds away from the berries. the top section is only stapled on one side, so I can easily peel it off for picking and watering.

Varnish town: population - me. In between different things, we're finding window and door trim pieces and getting them ready to go in. Some are varnished, some are oiled, depending on their placement and potential exposure. Lots more to go!

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