Thursday, August 05, 2010

First Windows On! (and some other stuff)

So, the paint is finally dry and the tape is off, and the walls were ready for the first windows. We have to get them in before the indoor plastering, as we want to plaster in the bottoms (inside) to make a seamless edge by the bench. Anyway, it looks like progress!

Further prep for plastering includes putting lath on all the wood surfaces we intend to cover with plaster. the photo below is of the section above the southern windows (pictured above). Both sides of this wall will get plastered, along with the bedroom wall (with the pocket door) and the clearstory, inside and out. This metal lath costs about $8 a 6x2 sheet. I bet we use 20 sheets.

Something was going wrong with the digital camera and it took this 1970s fade shot of Melissa checking the solar oven. Doesn't this just look like a Mother Earth News article photo?

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