Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Actually feels, and looks, like progress!

More work gets done on door parts these days; I continue to work on the tongue and groove joints for the planks that will make up the doors. Here, after using the dado blade on the table saw, I am planing off the little bits the blade misses (my dado only does 1/2")

Each joint has to be checked and rechecked until it fits well enough to glue up. In this weather, on these beautiful days, this is very pleasant work.

Melissa meanwhile keeps prepping the interior walls for limewashing. Not only does she tape all the wood edges, but checks the surfaces for bits of straw sticking out or any rough spots.

Back in bedroom #1, it seems like the lime wash has hardened up over the last week, and it seems to have gotten whiter! Her's Melissa with one finger up, indicating that this is after just one coat. 2 or 3 to go!

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