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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Getting things done around the place

Just to keep the many 'fans' of progress up-to-date, I took some photos of what's taking our time these days. We've made good progress on the plastering, but that's pretty hard to document, but here you can see the sand sifter and the sand piled in the bedroom. In the rain last week, the sand pile, even covered, got moist, which makes it impossible to sift. To dry it, I thought of spreading it out on the earth floor of the bedroom. Since it's inside, and the floor can absorb moisture (until we wax it) it worked great.
We only have to fill that bin about once more to have all the sand we need for the earthen plaster parts. (then comes the lime plaster parts)

Here's the living room windows with the start of bits of vertical trim getting fitted. These little redwood pieces will get planed to fit the weird angles of where the post meets the window, and then sanded and varnished, and finally nailed in before we plaster the back of the bench.

Those darn madrone stairs are going back in. I had to rip them all out, paint the bottoms of the boards to prevent moisture coming in from below, and oil the tops for more protection. I also laid them in a wet layer of plaster, making a foot print of the board, and then pulled them off, so the footprint would be dry, but form-fitting, when I put them back on.
You can also see the bottom step is getting plastered in, with its already oiled redwood front. (looks really dark in this photo!) The bottom step has hinges on it so that things can be stored down inside it.

We're still cutting up apples from the free apple gathering we did a week or so ago. Drying them as well as trying applesauce this year. So far, it's turned out great!


At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL to watch your progress Tys! - Jane Winter


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