Saturday, January 22, 2011

Check out the evening light!

as the walls get whiter, the winter sun setting in the west brings in some lovely orange light:

it doesn't look like much progress, but I got the vertical trim in the kitchen windows, and they're all caulked up - making it possible to start to clean those windows, and keep out the wind

"I planted these trees in the driveway and they just won't grow!" actually, I made a holder for these posts so that I could easily varnish all of them at once without having to lean them on anything.

and then I spent the day planing planks so I could start building the north wall of the kitchen - which will be all shelves

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anonymous said...

Wow, it is starting to look beautiful inside. The white walls make the wood logs and the ceiling treatment stand out. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Little birdie

Won't stop coming up onto the patio.