Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Melissa continues up the shower walls with the tiling. The green pieces, where the plumbing bits come through, are to represent a wall fall. It's starting to come together.

Have I ever mentioned we use a Berkey water filter for our drinking water? It sits outside in the shade, and we fill the double sized wine bottles with the pure water and fill the thing from the hose (you can see the white hose in the picture). works for us!


Sue said...

I've heard that Berkey won't ship to California -- did you find an exception or did you get yours from outside CA?

srain said...

The tile is really working for me. Especially the waterfall. The whole house is coming together. Love it!
-John V

Tys said...

you're right, they don't. what sort of crazy regulation that is, I don't know. I ordered one and had it shipped to my friend in Colorado, right before we were going to visit, and then I shipped it to myself.

Little birdie

Won't stop coming up onto the patio.