Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tile and Wood

Melissa starts tackling the strange angles of the kitchen counter, planning out the layout of the 12x12 tiles:

and I got the bathroom door up on the hinges and oiled up. Here it is from the outside:

and here's an inside shot. Did I brag about how the window is a shelf from a refrigerator? I love that. Nice frosted window.

and since I had the linseeded rag (you have to be really careful with linseed oil, as it has a spontaneous combustion quality as it dries [on rags, not doors] so when I oil something, that's officially the last time that rag gets used. It goes into the firepit afterwards. So, I try hard to get every drop of oil and use out of a rag... so I run around re-oiling stuff), I cleaned up the living room benches:

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Starting anti-fire prep

Well, we never really stop.  But, took a picture of today's raking below the yurt.  Every year I work to get a bit wider swath cleared....