Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taking Things Down

As you know, we had a lot of mature madrone trees on the property before we bought it; they were cut down by someone for firewood, which also helped open up the area and made it look better.  Well, about 8 years later, a lot of these stumps have produced 'shoots' around them, some of which are getting big.  Here's a before shot of one uphill (east) of the house:
 and here's the same spot after I took that big one out.  I then have to cut up all the branches, compost the leaves, and buck up the big parts, and have yet to split those big parts into firewood.  Still, nice to have the opening.
 In the meantime, Melissa has decided to start on taking down the dirt in front of the house to get the area ready for our stone patio work.  She's going to dig down about 10 inches:

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