Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby Innovations

With only a few minutes here and there to get something done, I did manage to come up with a swing for the baby:  tied to the leg of the desk in the loft, the big basket swings pretty well through the kitchen. I had to create a sort of trench for the baby so she wouldn't flop from one side to the other and stay on her back, but other than that, this old basket from Grandma Chieko works pretty well with a new hazel stick handle.

and, while not exactly innovation, I thought I'd show off our diaper changing area: the nice antique dresser with a pad on it (gotten through a friend who got it on freecycle!) next to the window (with the wipe on the sill).  The dirty diaper bucket is outside the window, easy to get to since the ground isn't that far down.  

and, check this out: I saw a picture of someone re-starting their lettuce nubs so I gave it a shot.  These are egg cups, so you can get the size, but it's quite surprising to see growth right out of the rind I was going to throw away. I hope we can get some nice baby lettuce out of this experiment.

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Notchin' to it

Getting ready to put up some beams, working on a long scarf joint.  That's a lot of wood to remove!