Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring in my step

hello my name is Tys and I wear crocs.  Actually, fancy leather topped crocs and just around the property as a sort of 'garden clog' but they are in fact, crocs.   A while back the stitching started coming undone on one of them, so the other day I finally got around to sewing it back up. I used dental floss, which worked perfectly. The stitching could look a little cleaner, but I didn't want to spend too much effort getting the old threads out of the holes, possibly screwing up the leather more. 
 The almond tree closest to the house is blooming pretty much at full-tilt now... I hope there's more rain this spring, but I also hope it comes down softly so as to not pound the blossoms off. 

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Starting anti-fire prep

Well, we never really stop.  But, took a picture of today's raking below the yurt.  Every year I work to get a bit wider swath cleared....