Monday, August 13, 2007

Concrete Day!

They got here bright and early; I biked down and met the pump guy, and the concrete truck was right behind us. Art (Melissa's Dad) got here just in time to do some serious helping out. Here you can see the guy pumping the stuff into our forms, and Art doing a two-handed plunging to make sure there aren't any air bubbles.

It started to harden up really fast. Since it was in the truck for an hour before it got to us, it was already to go when it got here. We had to work really fast to get the J bolts in and the stuff smoothed out. Here's me and the pump guy putting the J bolts in with a hammer.

This is the east wall, looking good. You can just see a bit of rebar sticking up out of the bond beam in the front of this picture. We'll now put a couple of rows of 'urbanite' on top of this bond beam, and use those rebar bits to tie in the mortared 'stone' wall to the whole thing.

Here's one of the footings filled up and smoothed out. None of it will be showing when we're done, but it doesn't look too bad now. The J-bolts are off to the side like that because they'll be hooking into an L bracket that will bolt to the side of the post.

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