Friday, July 14, 2006

Container "Joe" (names have been changed to protect the incompetent)

After a number of weeks of trying to coordinate a price and a container (a truck box, like the back of a moving truck) from a local and it never panning out, I saw in the Great Exchange - a low budget classified ad rag - that there was a guy who sold and delivered containers 'anywhere'. I called the number in the ad a number of times, no voicemail, no answering machine... then about 10pm on a Saturday night, the guy called me having used caller ID. I told "Joe" that I wanted to buy an 18 or 20 foot container, and wanted to talk him on Monday about when he could deliver.

Fast forward a month and about 3 calls a week where I learned all about "Joe's" mom, his legal issues, his annoying neighbors, and a lot about the different trucks he owns, and two different times waiting out on the property when he was supposed to show up... to finally having a specific appointment with him. Of course, he wanted to meet out at the property even though all he needed to do was check the road, and see where I wanted to put the container... and he'd been on the road more than twice before... but having me give directions wasn't enough. I had to drive the 70 miles down there to sit in the rain and wait for him to show up about 2 and a half hours late. Oh, and he got lost along the way and I had to drive back down the mountain to get him and drive him back up; while his mother sat in the car half way up, as that's as far as his 91 chevy impala would go.

While certainly an agreeable soul, "Joe" is amazingly long winded, and sort of focused on his own stories. These almost all focus around his trucks, his property that has tons of junk on it, and how hard things are going right now.

I got him to the property just as it was getting too dark to see, and after a few minutes of jumbled talk of swinging the trailer around the tree or over a stump and which would be harder or easier, the price for delivery jumped up $500 and possibly a month or two down the road. Both because of the condition of the road, and/or the new court order he recieved from the county to clean up his property.

I think I'm giving up on the container idea.

Addendum: gave up. Bought a shed at HomeDepot for $1000. Put it together in two afternoons, one with the help of Inventor Greg.

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