Saturday, July 22, 2006

Week 4: finish platform bracing, then boards go on

As we started adding cross-bracing supports to the beams and posts, we felt the whole thing solidify into a single unit. Each post is attached to its beam(s) by the Y-braces; each post is attached to its neighboring post (around the circle or down the middle) by X-braces. The uppermost and lowermost posts are attached to their nearest centerline posts by V-braces.

We had to add more bark notches in order to attach the cross-bracing more solidly.

We tried laying down a piece of decking lumber across the beams. From the wood we had milled, we got some 20 foot lengths of 1.5" x 12". We're hoping to use these in their entirety. Here's Tys couldn't wait to demonstrate the stability of the set up (and his excellent balance).

We started picking out the best pieces of lumber for the deck to see how they might fit together. Since they're varying widths and some are slightly bowed or whatnot along their length, we have to cut out the straightetst parts, then puzzle them back together with matching widths. It's just like one of those brain teaser puzzles, only bigger.

We started measuring and cutting out the best parts. So when we left for the weekend, we had less but better matched wood on the deck.

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