Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skylights in the closet

It seems like a lot of work - and it is - for a little payoff, but since one of our closets is quite close to a skylight in the roof, we decided we'd try and get some natural light into the closet as well.

That means building a 'roof' for the closet, and putting skylights in it.

we have these big chunks of glass someone gave us, cut into squares (3/4" thick) so we decided two of them, countersunk into the closet ceiling would be a good way to get light in, and keep the storage capacity of the top of the closet as well. We cut the holes, and I finally got to try out my router bit that does 1/4" cuts.

I'll plane this up, then put cross pieces in (that will be inside/under the 'roof') for support.
Something to do while it's raining anyway.

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