Saturday, January 09, 2010

Various updates:

Since the walls going up another 2 inches isn't really news, I thought I'd take some pictures of some of the other side projects that go on while we're moving mud.

We decided to put in some little windows in the wall that will be between the liquor cabinet counter and the bathroom. This first one is probably 7 feet off the floor, but I'm hoping that in the summertime, bits of sunset light will come through the bathroom windows and also through this little piece.

In the second bedroom, we're doing a bit of 'flair' with clear wine bottles above the shelves. They face north, so it's not like tons of light will pour through, but in an attempt to work with a repeating pattern of an arch, we thought we'd put in these. There will be one more verticle one in the center. Sort of interesting to see how it goes in though.

Did a big glue up of some boards that will end up being the second bedroom closet ceiling. Notice the holes; there will be thick glass in them (actually I'll cut them bigger) so that in effect, we'll have little skylights in the closet ceiling... since the closet is quite close to the actual skylight in the roof. It's an attempt to have natural light going into the closet. Might not be that important, but thought we'd try. we have the glass.

Speaking of glass, here's the start of the arched windows going in the main bedroom. They're actually just two pieces of glass, but we'll have four windows. As we cob around the walls, I add a bit to each column. The arches should be able to support the weight of the walls above the glass.

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