Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning

We're back from our Florida trip, and even though we did a big clean up before we left (we like to come home to clean house) we decided that it was time to attack the mold that was creeping up the interior walls from a winter's worth of condensation.

We unscrewed the vinyl from the deck, and folded it up so we could scrub the inside while standing outside. We used vinegar and elbow grease, with a slight bleach wash at the end.

We had to take out some deck boards to get at all screws holding it down. That was a good thing though, as I need to plane the edges of the deck boards to create better drainage between them.

Here you can see how we folded the walls up:

it was an interesting way to see the walls from the inside:


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have any estimate of when you will be able to move into the house you have been building. Is the building effort going at about the speed you expected when you started?

Tys said...

well.... I had sort of believed we'd be done by now, but that was before I knew how long things would take. I originally thought we'd be pretty much done by last November, but it might be this November.. that's 4 years instead of my expected 3.
I had also imagined (foolishly) that more people would be interested in helping out more often. Some folks have helped, but not for a sustained time, and often, if we have visitors, it ends up slowing us down more than speeding us up. Not that I mind, we like visitors!

Still, we're not pushing too hard, or losing sleep over it. it'll get done when it gets done.
We take days off for travel, when we get sick, shopping, etc. But otherwise, we're just plugging along.

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