Monday, July 12, 2010

Triumphs and celebrations!

NOT only is this my 500th blog post, but we have reason to celebrate about construction and homesteading things!

First, Melissa has been tackling the tedious but important rigid foam insulation cutting and fitting in the ceiling. It's hard work. it's actually so hard, I can't do it, as my old back injury seems to be agitated by standing on a ladder and working over my head. When I started doing this stuff 2 or 3 weeks ago is when my back went out. still not right.

Anyway, Melissa was so beat, but we celebrated her finishing the main ceiling. You can tell she's tired in this photo, but the insulation looks great!

She got so beat that she had to take a break, and spent some time in the meadow just picking weeds to relax.

On another front, we had a HUGE scare that there was a problem with the well. A not-too-close neighbor just put in a well (downhill from us) and immediately after we heard about that well, our pump system stopped working. I, of course, was freaked out that the aquifer was over-tapped. However, I believe that what actually happened was our neighbor, who we share the well with, has a problem in his line, and when he tried pumping water, it messed up the electronic monitoring system of the well, and then it just kept shutting off - acting like there was no water down there.

Today I ran the system through a series of calibrations, and got it back to normal. So, we're back in the game. I don't usually do this (for free!) but the people at , who made our pump electronic system, deserve a big star for service. I've called them numerous times freaking out about this issue, and their tech people helped out with good, solid advice. The peach tree thank you symcom.

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