Journey in the Woods

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Thought I'd go through and document the different spots on the wall that have already taken some abuse. The spots are from the plaster being chipped off:

between the french doors and the kitchen counter, the bar chair swings around and hits the wall.

The back of the rocking chair has hit the vertical of the steps a couple times:
 This one isn't abuse, but rather the plywood under the plaster  on the clearstory seems to have moved a bit, and there's a crack about 12" long about 1" up from the beam:
 A little ding on the bathroom wall near the floor. Broom hit it maybe? it seems that down near the bottom of the wall things are little brittle. May be that the limewash dripped down there and built up a bad layer, creating a bubble or something. 
 between toilet bench and door frame; it was plastered after the rest was in and painted, so the joint isn't great. some of the thinner plaster has flaked off and it just looks a little rough. 


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