Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Water Cabinet is Up!

So, this experiment in new (old?) materials is up and functioning.  I wanted to build a little thing with all the cut branches from the tree work, since so many seem straight, and there's so much of it... so I took a shot at building a little cabinet on legs for our water filter.   I also wanted to follow through on an idea we had had about using hazel sticks as a sort of paneling. 
 Since it was actually a big job to go find all those hazel sticks - it's not that we don't have tons of it in the woods, it's finding the right size that are straight enough without getting distracted and clearing brush for a few hours - I decided to leave the back open, so the 'plumbing' parts would be easy to get to.
 We have a batch of these 1.5 liter wine bottles we use for water, and I made the shelf just the right height to hold a batch of them and the one being filled.  Notice in the above photo you can reach in, turn on the faucet and fill the filter without having to hold the hose.
 The thing is a little wobbly, as it's tall and thin, with joints that are a bit hacked (though those through mortises don't look too bad in the pictures, huh?) but with it being tucked in next to the buttress, there's really nowhere for it to wobble to.
Oh, and did I ever post the finished little deck bit?  There's that too.  It's small like that because the main idea of the west side of the house is to have a big patio, so I didn't want the deck taking up that room.

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