Saturday, March 23, 2013

Made a Trap

Well, I thought I could make a video to demonstrate this, but it would seem my simplistic editor on my laptop isn't all that great.  Still, I did post it to youtube. Check it out here:

and here's a few more still shots. The trigger stick:
 The trigger stick actually holding the door handle open:
 and the view of the door, with the closing latch at the bottom.  Notice the brick on the door adds speed to the closing.

Edit/Update:  I'm not making this *because* I want to catch something to eat (unlike what I say in the video) it's that I've been seeing evidence of varmits around the house and I want them gone.  I went out late the other night and just out of the corner of my eye I saw some bushy tailed thing take off. 

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Libby said...

What are you trying to trap, Tys? Looks great!!

Starting anti-fire prep

Well, we never really stop.  But, took a picture of today's raking below the yurt.  Every year I work to get a bit wider swath cleared....