Monday, June 21, 2010

Melissa completes the wiring!

Well, pretty much. 11 of the 13 circuits are in, which is as much as can be done until we get some more of the ceiling insulation in and build in the bed (which will have plugs on the side).

Couple other things about our wiring setup: due to potential voltage drop, you're not supposed to have circuits longer than 50 ft on 12 gauge wire... since we had a couple that were close to 60ft, we just upped the gauge on everything; where normally you'd have 14, we put 12, where you would have 12, we put 10, just to have a stronger, more efficient system.
Our neighbor, an electrical engineer and supreme 'figure-it-out-yourself' kind of guy came over yesterday with a 12 volt battery and a light bulb on alligator clips and we checked every circuit for shorts and voltage. We did find one short, and fixed that (too many thick wires jammed into one junction box) but other than that, Melissa had it all correct. woo hoo!

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