Monday, February 16, 2009

Mud and Gravel bed

Well, since it was raining again today, and I needed to have the Lister running for battery juicin', I decided to haul wet, silty mud from where I had dumped it when I dug out the house spot up to the base of the generator.
Then I hauled about 8 buckets of gravel up from the house spot to cover the mud, all with the idea of adding mass and weight to the railroad tie base of the generator.
As it was running, it was sort of shaking the mud and gravel into place, and I was walking on it to get it tamped down.
During this operation, my add-on exhaust pipe cracked off, so now I get to fix that again. Then it's veggie oil tank, and then a tight shed to keep off the rain and keep in the noise.

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DAVE & SUE said...

Dear Tys and Melissa, (2.17.09)
I hear that the real rain has
made appearance over Boulder Creek.
Stay cozy and do keep a close eye
on weak-kneed trees nearby. Good
to hear your little green engine
will soon receive a little
shelter. Love the blog/photos!!

Dave and Suzy

Little birdie

Won't stop coming up onto the patio.