Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quiet Night, Quiet Game:

Hook and Ring- no batteries, no timers, no worries.

When I was in the Bahamas a while back, I saw this game at a beach-side bar and of course I fell in love with its simplicity. It's a ring on a string, with a hook as the target. The one I saw in the Bahamas had the hook on a post, which allowed for more complex tricks, but I couldn't wait until I was sitting around my finished house with the posts outside to play. I set it up in the yurt.

The aim,

The toss,

and the hook. Yay! tons of fun.

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Starting anti-fire prep

Well, we never really stop.  But, took a picture of today's raking below the yurt.  Every year I work to get a bit wider swath cleared....