Thursday, March 12, 2009

Decking is on the Roof!
We finished putting on the plywood yesterday. It actually wasn't that hard, but it certainly feels like a big hurdle. Melissa of course, did all the hard measuring and figuring, and I did the cutting and hammering. Here's Melissa on the NE corner:

Some of the details we had to work out were how to get around the posts:

Melissa decided she liked the idea of having some extra detail on the top overhanging rafters, so we trimmed those to a bit of a point, and then put a pine trim on there for the overhanging metal to attach to:

We also planned for airflow/venting in the roof, which will help with cooling. In this picture, you can see the vent slot as well as some of the more difficult 'puzzle pieces' Melissa had to work out to get everything to fit together and on rafters.

That's me on the center West high side.

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Starting anti-fire prep

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