Monday, March 23, 2009

Interior Wall foundations

Because I want to lay the subfloor before we do the walls, Melissa wanted to build the foundations for the interior walls first. I worry about this because it commits us to these shapes before we've had a chance to feel what it's like inside the main (exterior) walls. Still, we agreed on the basic shape of the rooms long ago, so really, I just continue to have commitment issues.

Here's Melissa getting going on the first layer of the living room north wall:
We're keeping these foundations thin, as the walls will only be about 6 inches thick, and they're also 'craggy' so as to give the cob something to grab onto when we build them. (and probably be great things to trip over until we do.)

Here's Melissa modeling the future toilet room, with it's strong curve around what will be a bench with two buckets in it. Jack is not amused.

Notice that this foundation is taller, as it is on the lowest level of the house, and will be one wall of the shower, so just in case of flooding (?), there won't be cob(mud) walls low to the ground where they could fail by water damage.

This picture was taken a day or two after the above. We've added another layer or so to the living room wall (the curve in front of Melissa) and some 'teeth' to the wall between the two bedrooms (to the left of the photo):

You can see how I've laid out the future 'scree' boards for the subfloor in the left corner.

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