Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fixing the Flue

We were noticing more and more trouble getting the fires going in the woodstove, and Melissa kept blaming my chopped wood, and I kept blaming her wet kindling, until we noticed one day that the chimney had come loose from the connection right outside.

it was difficult to get back together, but once we did, the flue did a fine job of pulling a draft again, and no more smoky starts.

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Sue said...

Hey Tys and Melissa, if you're using dry wood then here's a cool no-kindling way to start a fire: lay two fairly small-diameter pieces of wood lengthwise in the stove, about 4-5 inches apart. Fill the space between them with crumpled paper, maybe a few strips of cardboard. Then lay a wide flat piece of wood over the top, creating a tunnel. Light the paper at one or both ends of the tunnel, close the stove door most of the way, but leave it cracked if possible until the fire's well underway. If you've put enough paper or cardboard in the tunnel, the top piece of wood will catch from that, no kindling needed. Be sure the top piece is wide enough that it won't fall into the tunnel right away.

Try it, it works!

Western Great Basin

Starting anti-fire prep

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